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Guaranteed assistance around the clock

The 24/7 hotline team on site visit at Arla Foods Cocio to get a thorough introduction to the production facilities. 


When a production plant breaks down, it is crucial to be able to get fast and accurate help. That’s why Au2mate offers a wide range of services ranging from remote support to on-site assistance of both emergency and preventive nature.

With increasing demands on factories’ production capacity, uptime and operational stability, any unexpected interruption in the production process can be costly. That’s why Au2mate, a company specializing in automation and industrial IT solutions, offers a 24/7 HOTLINE subscription scheme, that guarantees customers immediate assistance on calls every day of the year – around the clock.

“We have a support team of eight engineers based in Denmark and Australia, and soon the US, so our customers can reach us whenever they call and to ensure global coverage in all time zones,” says Service and Training Manager at Au2mate, Eva Stanell.

Customised support and efficient monitoring

When a customer takes out a subscription with Au2mate, the company places great emphasis on acquiring extensive knowledge and understanding of the customer’s factory, explains Eva Stanell.

“By taking out a subscription, you get our 24/7 support team has remote access to the customer’s systems, which enables monitoring and management of the customer’s systems in the event of production downtime,” she says and points out that, because of the frequent software and security updates in the IT industry, Au2mate performs regular checks of the remote connection to ensure access to customers’ systems.


Au2mate offers the service SYSTEM CARE (also known as “due diligence”). This service includes a routine and systematic review of the control system’s key components and software licenses on an annual basis or as agreed and required. “We send an engineer to the factory, who conducts a comprehensive review of the control system. The result is a detailed report, that accurately describes the condition of the control system. The report identifies areas that require upgrades, expiring subscriptions, and provides detailed budget proposals for future maintenance,” explains Eva Stanell.


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