Au2mate has developed a number of products to support our hi-tech automation solutions. These products are based on Industry 4.0 and, together with our competences, software standards, and expert knowledge, forms the digital toolbox ensuring the best solutions for our customers.


  • Increase of plant functionality and performance

  • Provides uniform functionality / operator interface across the factory independent of machine supplier

  • Reduced cost for control software

  • Reduction of time and cost spent during software commissioning

  • Includes modules for seamless MES/ERP integration


Au2plant forms a solid PLC, HMI, and SCADA software package, holding the basic software modules, screen navigation, methodologies, and the procedures to secure an excellent baseline application for the customer’s automation projects.

The framework is suitable for green field plants as well as for project upgrades and offers a significant reduction of time and cost spent during software development and commissioning.

Au2plant is embedding the complete knowledge and best practise from the dairy industry through Au2mate’s many years of experience within the dairy business.


  • Standard layout for top bar and menus

  • Standard alarm system and access control

  • Advanced filtering and search functions

  • Playback functionality

  • Multiple language support

  • Multi-screen support

  • Templates for visualisation and control of plant components (valves, motors etc.)

  • Standard interface for material and order handling

  • Standard modules for data collection to production database


  • Control modules for control of plant components

  • Standard data structure for interface to MES and event driven data collection

  • Basic functions (communication, sync. of time etc.)

  • Structured control language in all modules

  • Object oriented software structure for flexible maintenance and


Contact Au2mate for more information on Au2plant or download this solution as a data sheet.


The Au2mate Document Module is a smart documentation system, ensuring that all documentation concerning the plant is stored electronically in a secure and appropriate manner. Also, user access to documentation has been made simple and intuitive.

The documentation is stored on a database server and is accessed via a tablet by scanning QR codes in the physical installation.

Documentation such as maintenance manuals, operating manuals, and instruction videos are uploaded and stored on the server in a S88 database structure. The database is created and maintained by the user in the configuration software which comes with the Document Module. Documents are easily inserted in the database using drag-and-drop functionality.

Contact your local Au2mate office for a demonstration of the Document Module.


Contact Au2mate for a demonstration or download this solution as a data sheet.


Au2mate MASStermate standardisation unit is applied for automatic high accuracy standardising of the fat percent in the cream and the milk line after a milk separator. The standardisation unit can be applied in new as well as existing installations.

The standardisation unit can operate as stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with a factory control system. The unit is pretested and delivered ready to install in the dairy plant.


Au2mate MASStermate standardisation unit is pre mounted, wired, and tested on frame and includes the following equipment:

  • Control panel (Siemens or Rockwell solution available)
  • 2 pcs mass flow transmitters
  • 1 pc flow transmitter
  • 2 pcs regulating valves
  • 2 pcs process valves
  • 2 pcs manometers


  • S88 integration with factory system
  • Interface to milk analyser
  • Tank standardisation
  • Connectivity for remote service


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Separator Upgrade Unit

Au2mate has developed a “kit” tailored for separator control system upgrades. The existing control system will be replaced in a 1:1 operation, with a new Siemens or Rockwell system, keeping installation, cabling and interface to up- and downstream systems intact. A new backplane and a new HMI operator station are delivered for replacement in existing control panel.


  • Start/Stop Separator from local HMI
  • Production or CIP selection
  • Timing and control of partial and total desludge
  • Registration of operational hours

Timer setpoints:

  • Shut off delay
  • Partial desludge time
  • Total desludge time
  • Installation can be included or done by the buyer


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The Au2mate OEE Module (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a unique software tool for optimising the efficiency of your plant, from a single unit/machine to an entire processing line or factory.

The OEE Module can be easily integrated on top of existing units/lines and is a strong tool for e.g. identifying:

  • OEE values and displays on dashboards
  • Top ten reasons for stoppage (focus areas)
  • Here-and-now status on the line/production order
  • User-defined reports per batch/shift/24-hour period
User interface enabled via a web-based HTML5 dashboard. Users can build customised dashboards with the KPI data relevant to the individual user.
  • Configurative OEE dashboard
  • Plant model structured according to the S88 model.
  • Data analysis for plant optimisation
  • Integrated production planning
Contact your local Au2mate office for a demonstration of the OEE module.


Contact Au2mate for a demonstration of the OEE module or download this solution as a data sheet.

Data Analysis Module

The Au2mate data analysis module is an analysis tool for optimizing production processes.

By analysing and focusing on production processes, companies can achieve great savings on, time and resources.  

  • Easy and fast access to data
  • Fast overview of data
  • Optimising tool – reduces waste and time
  • Highly flexible report service
  • Compared with golden batches to increase efficiency and analyse data
  • Customisable points of interest
  • Document your processes

The application will create reports, providing an intuitive graphical dashboard with indication of deviations, warnings, and critical alarms, all guiding the staff to trim and adjust the processes in order to optimize on effectiveness, quality, and cost, and at the same time minimising waste, advantageous to environment.


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Leverage Existing Data for Optimal Production with AI from Intelecy and Au2mate

Au2mate merges deep insights from historical production data and processes with Intelecy’s advanced AI solutions. Utilize these data and AI technology to gain competitive advantages by improving quality and efficiency in production.

Below you can read more about how AI can be used in eg. the dairy industry.

Predictive maintenance

Forecast potential malfunctions in large engines such as spray dryers using predictive models. Result: Early warning on bearing failure, which would causedowntime.

Apply anomaly detection models to alert operators and maintenance engineers about impending issues such as filter breakage, clogging and degradation in the milk treatment. Result: Prevents one major failure every 18 months, which is more than €1 million per annually.

Quality and safety

Use forecasting models to predict product quality (protein powder) prior to production and allow operators to adjust the filtering loop accordingly. Result: Reduced product quality variation and improved yield.

Identify and rectify harmful user behaviors such as overriding safety measures. For instance, operators adjusting a temperature sensor post-CIP to fill storage tanks with cold milk sooner. Result: Prevents material fatigue and, in the worst-case scenario, the implosion of large silo tanks.

Identify and rank the most important contributors to variation in cheese by using historical data. In this case dry matter was the key quality metric but it could be any thing. Result: 3/4 of the hypothesis could be laid to rest and focus on solving the most important contributor for quality variation. The results were better and more convincing than a previous R&D project spanning over 5 years had accomplished.


Predict and adjust pH in the wastewater before it leaves the plant using forecast models. This model uses CIP data from a large number of lines and tanks. Result: Compliance with governmental regulations, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Reduce the volume of wastewater through detailed analysis and mapping of variations. For instance, discovering that UHT filtration had a higher contribution than expected. Result: Reduced water, energy, and chemical consumption (CIP).

Uncover where and how waste occurs, for example, by measuring dry matter in wastewater and identifying peaks. Result: Identified and rectified 3 main root causes in a day, resulting in a 60% waste reduction.

Waste reduction. A hypothesis was that there was too much product being sent to the waste buffer tank. This is milk, whey, and other products which are in the pipes or at the bottom of tanks after the batch is “completed”. Deep analysis on who are the main contributors revealed two main contributors with unexpected high volume. Result: Changed recipe in the automation layer gave approx. 30% reduction.


Identify energy wastage in idle operations to assess potential automation and routine modifications. For example, evaluating pasteurization running only on water circulation. Result: Identifies 800 kWh yearly over in a dairy wasted on heating water.

Forecast the temperature of hot water/steam returning to the boiler to adjust boiler settings based on projected rather than measured temperature. Result: Energy reduction and peak power reduction, as it will now only produce the energy needed and when it’s needed.

Leverage forecast models to optimize how heat exchangers are operated. Result: Reduced energy consumption (and CIP performed based on the condition of the heat exchangers).

Leverage data analytics tools to identify which production parameters affect capacity. Result: Overall throughput increased by over 20% while maintaining quality.

With AI from Au2mate, you get:

  • Continuous monitoring of live data with prediction of key values for optimal production

  • Predictive analytics to proactively prevent maintenance issues

  • Data-driven decisions, reduced costs, and minimized waste

  • Efficiency in energy consumption through intelligent analysis

  • Rapid implementation without the need for coding


We offer an AI webinar which you can sign-up for below. You also have the possibility to find a time in Erik’s calender for a quick online introduction to AI solutions for the process industry. Finally you can also download our data sheet and send it to all your colleagues.


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