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Au2mate develops and delivers complete automation solutions with special focus on process optimisation and minimising waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprints. Our solution designs emphasise a high level of user-friendliness, operational reliability, and optimal use of Industry 4.0 technologies to safeguard your investment. We offer training programmes for both operating and technical staff at our training centre, Au2mate Academy, and competent support via our 24/7 Hotline. Au2mate – your partner and provider of quality solutions and guarantor of the optimal performance of your process system.



Au2mate provides high-quality automation solutions and industrial IT primarily aimed at the process industry in the F&B segment.

We handle all aspects of the automation project from hardware, process descriptions/design, and software in all automation segments from PLC, HMI, and SCADA to MES and ERP integration.

Thanks to standardised methodology, international ISA standards, knowledge-sharing, and a powerful team of engineers, we complete all types of automation tasks from small upgrades to large-scale ‘greenfield’ projects.


Au2mate Academy Plant

Au2mate Academy is a centre of excellence in dairy automation, offering education and training in dairy automation for managers, operators, and technicians.

The training includes automation concepts, instrumentation, PLC, SCADA, and MES developed according to applicable industrial standards and best practice, including S88 and S95.

Au2mate offers new modern training facilities at our address on Frichsvej in Silkeborg. These holds a class room and a functional process plant with line control, including reception, raw material storage, pasteurisation, buffer tanks, dispatch/filling, and a CIP system.

Furthermore, the education and training at the Au2mate Academy is an integral part of the project plan for large-scale projects provided by Au2mate.


24/7 hotline support service

Au2mate offers a complete service package for systems developed and delivered by Au2mate in corporation with our customers.

The services are designed in response to customer needs and are based on Au2mates’ core competences and automation experience, including instrumentation, PLC, SCADA, and MES.

A powerful team of 24/7 frontline engineers, combined with full back up from the rest of the Au2mate team secure maximum, and most effective, uptime for customers’ processing plants.

Au2mate 24/7 hotline support service
Standard solutions


Au2mate has developed a number of products to support our hi-tech automation solutions. These products are based on Industry 4.0 and, together with our competences, software standards, and expert knowledge, forms the digital toolbox ensuring the best solutions for our customers. For further information, see ’Products’.


The Au2mate OEE Module (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a unique software tool for optimising the performance of your plant, from a single unit/machine to an entire process line or factory.


The Au2mate Document Module is a smart documentation system, ensuring that all documentation concerning the plant is stored electronically in a secure and appropriate manner. At the same time, user access to documentation has been made simple and intuitive.

Data Analysis

The Au2mate data analysis module is an analysis tool for optimizing production processes.

By analysing and focusing on production processes, companies can achieve great savings on, time and resources.  

Au2mate OEE module on tv screen
Au2mate Document Module on mobile
Au2mate Data Analysis


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