Au2mate is a provider of high-quality process automation solutions with special focus on the dairy and F&B industries. We handle all aspects of the automation project from hardware, process specifications/design and software in all automation segments from PLC, HMI, and SCADA to MES and ERP integration.

Automation solutions

Au2mate develops their own solutions in accordance with international standards and based on detailed knowledge of best practice in the field. Our team of engineers and experts has extensive knowledge of the processes common to the sectors serviced by us and this, coupled with our way of working and methodology, makes Au2mate the natural choice when you’re looking for a process automation partner.

The Au2mate DNA

  • Solid project management and a close partnership with customers
  • Open-platform solutions and international standards
  • ISA S88 and S95 standards
  • Standard software library and methodology
  • SMART factory solutions embedding machine learning and AI

  • Hi-tech test environment and test procedures for customers
  • Training facilities for customers’ technicians and operators at the Au2mate Academy

  • Worldwide installation and commissioning is a natural part of our DNA
  • Solid and competent support via Au2mate’s 24/7 Hotline centre


Having completed more than 2000 projects, Au2mate has accumulated expert knowledge on the processes in the sectors we serve. Aside from the automation part, our team of engineers and experts is a strong partner in the design and clarification phase connected to processes such as:
  • Pasteurisation
  • Evaporation
  • Spray-drying
  • Filtration plant
  • CIP and cleaning plant
  • Tank and mixer control systems
  • Fermentation processes
  • Cheese-making plant and processes
  • Cooling and ventilation systems
  • Handling service installations
  • Meat and animal feed plant
  • Pharmaceutical plant
  • Line Management Systems

  • Energy Management System

  • Building Management System

  • Total brewing automation

  • Total baking automation


Au2mate also supplies customised total solutions for controlling entire factories as well as solutions for individual processing sections. Our solutions cover all phases from the reception of raw materials to packaging.

Our systems are based on platforms from leading suppliers of PLC/SCADA systems and designed specifically to comply with individual customer requirements and needs. Our comprehensive software library contains ready-made structured software modules which are version-controlled, fully tested, and guaranteed functional.


A part of a digital transformation of a production area is implementation of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

MES is a system which help production companies increase product quality, plant productivity, reduce carbon footprint as well as improve traceability of resources and products. MES control the flow of data in the production area and between the production area and the administrative systems. Through that production companies gain visibility of the efficiency of the production and can ensure that capacity is used as optimal as possible.

Au2mate’s MES specialists help our customers with the entire digitalization journey – from pre-analysis of the production, recommendations of where to start the digitalization roadmap and implementation of MES solutions.

With the customer needs in focus the initial dialogue will be around finding the right MES solution for the customer. A solution based on the international recognized MES platforms like AVEVA (Wonderware) and TrakSYS or a custom developed solution that is tailor made to customer needs.

In addition to our AVEVA and TrakSYS MES specialists we have in-house custom development based on the .NET-platform, where specific customer solutions can be developed.

Au2mate is an international company and therefore we integrate our MES solutions worldwide. Would you like to know more about MES solutions? please contact your local Au2mate office.


Au2mate supplies total automation solutions. This often includes supplying server equipment, circuit breaker panels, frequency converters, installation materials, and the entire electrical installation.

Our engineers have detailed knowledge of the Machinery Directive and standards concerning panel design and safety regulations relative to installation, construction, and approval of control systems.

Commis­sioning and training

Commissioning control systems and plants is a natural part of our total solution package.

Au2mate is very experienced in commissioning processes worldwide and play a natural part in the planning and implementation of the process from I/O tests, dry and wet tests, and the first phase of commercial production.

Education and training in the system for operators form a natural part of any project, partly on site and partly in our training centre, Au2mate Academy.

From idea to commissioning

All projects are specified and implemented in close collaboration with the customer / end user.

For large-scale CAPEX projects, we usually prepare our offer based on tender material prepared by the customer, often assisted by e.g. consultants. Other projects are specified by Au2mate based on direct customer enquiries.

It is vital to us – and the customer – that the project can be completed within the time and price frameworks agreed. That is why we consider documentation, dialogue, and mutual trust to be essential values.


We apply a proven method featuring five well-defined phases which, step by step, takes customers and ourselves through the complex task of setting up a system for the process industry.

Partners and platforms


Au2mate’s engineers masters leading systems and platforms within process automation. We have decided to focus on the following strategic control platforms.

Additionally we have experience and competence with the following equipment:

  • Pascon

  • SattLine

  • SattCon

  • Accos

  • Citect

  • IGSS

  • Procon-Win

  • IC2000


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