Au2mate has proven competences and deliver solutions to several different sectors and industries. We have delivered projects to customers in the dairy, F&B, pharma, fish farming, animal feed sectors as well as other production industries.

The dairy industry

Au2mate has an in-depth processing knowledge of, and experience with, the dairy sector. We have completed a large number of projects for customers at home and abroad, ranging from minor upgrades and extensions to major greenfield projects  with thousands of items.

We have completed projects in all sectors of the dairy industry from milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter to filtration, evaporation, and spray-drying.

We master all disciplines within the above activities including complex control algorithms for e.g. fats and protein standardisation, whether based on in-line or batch standardisation principles.
Au2mate has developed  a standard software library for controlling and monitoring dairy processes. The library handles all elements of the automation supply order horizontally and vertically. We handle the process with full traceability from the weighing-in/reception of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to the warehouse. Furthermore, data from the time the order is placed in the ERP system until the activation of the individual functions in the production software are handled with full traceability and reporting generated as process orders are completed.


Au2mate has completed many tasks in other segments of the food industry such as juice production, brewery, meat processing, and the production of animal feed.

The projects are implemented in close collaboration with either OEMs supplying the processing equipment or directly to the end user.

Fully automatic processing of e.g. juice recipes with barcode scanning of raw material admixtures and automated Brix adjustments is a naturally integrated part of solutions delivered by Au2mate to customers worldwide.

Typically, Au2mate’s software library and standard solutions are applied to these projects and fully integrated from ERP to factory floor control.


Au2mate has been involved in a large number of projects in the pharma sector. The projects have typically either been in the form of plant control for OEM customers who have supplied processing equipment or, alternatively, we have advised end users directly on design and choice of automation platforms for their projects.

Au2mate is experienced in project handling and validation routines according to GAMP guidelines and has dedicated a group of engineers and project managers specifically to the pharma sector.

In our QA manual, we have incorporated a large part of the validation mechanisms which are a natural part of the VSP routines of a pharma project.

Please contact Au2mate if you require further information.


Over the years, Au2mate has completed a number of projects in the aqua culture industry. The projects range from everything from control of cleaning plant (CIP) to the total monitoring of entire factories.

An Au2mate solution will give you a complete overview of all production facilities in the entire group. KPI data related to the production facilities is presented in a structured manner on monitoring screens and the overall plant efficiency (OEE)  is measured, calculated, and presented on user-defined dashboards for quick identification of bottle necks in the production lines.

Alarms and warnings of critical conditions in the plant can be configured directly in the solutions provided by Au2mate.

Typically, Au2mate’s software library and standard solutions are applied to these projects with full integration from ERP to factory floor control.


In addition to the industries mentioned above, Au2mate has completed a large number of projects in other industrial sectors.

Sample projects for other industries:

  • Waste water facility for both OEM and end users
  • Cooling and ventilation systems for OEM and end users
  • Utility control and monitoring projects (compressors, boilers, water, etc.)
  • Cadbury Schweppes chewing gum factory – complete automation for the entire production process (mixer, coater, dryer, etc.)
  • Waste water plant in Kuwait – complete automation of waste water control and neutralisation plant
  • Tvilum, makers of flat-pack furniture – data collection project
  • Herlev Hospital – ventilation control and monitoring
  • Paint production – PLC, SCADA, and MES software
  • Microcosmos – environmental project for examining climate changes due to rising temperatures
  • Banedanmark – signalling project
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