Au2mate is focused on providing energy-optimised solutions.
Via the streamlining and optimisation of production and cleaning processes, the control systems provided by Au2mate can generate large savings and contribute to minimising waste, energy consumption and the climate footprint. At the same time, we also look inwards and examine how we as a company can act responsibly and in an environmentally friendly fashion in order to ensure a greener society. Au2mate’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) profile is based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) aiming at creating a better and more sustainable future for all of us.




The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by the global heads of state and/or government leaders at the UN summit in New York on 25 September 2015. This marked the adoption of a new, ambitious and transformative agenda for development. The UN SDGs entered into force on 1 January 2016, and up until 2030 they will be used to chart the course towards a more sustainable development for both the planet and those of us who live on it.


We have chosen to focus on the eight UN SDGs above.

Below you can find examples of initiatives, services and products that are part of Au2mate’s contribution to meeting these goals.



Au2mate creates large environmental savings by upgrading software on existing process facilities. By optimising and streamlining the production lines, one can reduce the consumption of, for example, electricity, water, steam and chemicals by up to 30%. This is of course good from a financial perspective, but it is also certainly also good for the environment as less resources are consumed and less pollution is generated. With some of the upgrade projects, Au2mate has developed some “SMART solutions” such as, for example, Hibernate, which can be used to reduce the consumption of ice water, steam and energy.

There are documented resource savings from upgrading process facilities. They amount to:

  • 20 % less electricity used

  • 20 % less steam used

  • 20 % less ice water used

  • 30 % less water used

  • 30 % less chemicals used


The Au2mate Document Module is a smart documentation system where you can simply use a QR code to access documentation, manuals, etc. directly at the individual facilities via a tablet or smartphone. This means less paper is used and thus it is better for the environment.


Together with the chemicals producer Novadan, Au2mate has developed a CIP analysis tool that is designed to significantly reduce the consumption of water and chemicals. A normal CIP process uses lye, acid and water – reducing the consumption of these three products will make each dairy much more environmentally friendly.


In 2016, KOLD College was designated as a national knowledge centre and thus received a grant to invest in a digital upgrade of part of its dairy-related educational facilities. Au2mate has been involved in this process and has upgraded the management of the skimming hall at KOLD College to match what the dairy students will encounter at the actual dairies. This upgrade means that future dairy specialists can already during their education learn about how streamlining can reduce waste and thus make the production of dairy products more environmentally friendly.

In addition to contributing to the optimisation of the Danish dairy study programmes, we also have the Au2mate Academy in our head office in Silkeborg. Here we hold courses for technical personnel, operators and managers on, for example, streamlining and environmentally friendly production processes.


OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a tool used to optimise production lines.

Au2mate has developed the OEE Module which can identify bottlenecks in the production and highlight where it can best pay off to optimise the production capacity. In so doing, OEE Module ensures the facility is operating at peak efficiency and thus minimises waste.

The result is a more efficient and more sustainable production. 



Internally at Au2mate, we have also implemented some initiatives that benefit both the global environment and the working environment for our employees.

  • We buy carbon-neutral renewable energy from  wind power plants in order to reduce the environmental impact of our electricity consumption.
  • We have also set up a group to monitor and manage well-being among our employees. The group monitoring well-being is, among other things, focused on:
    • Preventing the occurrence of stress
    • Ensuring employees get exercise during the workday
    • Ensuring high job satisfaction levels and social responsibility
  • Since its founding in 2001, Au2mate has hired more and more employees both in Denmark and in our departments around the world. This has resulted in Au2mate contributing to creating both jobs and economic growth.
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