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Bakkafrost is a modern production company who acknowlegde the advantages of digitalisation and they keep on developing. 

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  • Flexibility in the production
  • Reduce bottle necks
  • Health, Environment and Safety in the production facilities


  • Ensure gentle handling of the product
  • Need for scalable system


  • Easy to connection to existing and new equipment
  • System ready for multiple sites and users
  • Scalable system 
  • Connectivity via mobile. tablet and web browser


Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top-quality salmon from the Faroe Islands and since the establishment of the company in 1968 expanded and is now one of the worlds most vertically integrated salmon farming companies.

Being a large company with a massive production the importance of production overview and control to ensure the right quality and optimal use of raw material and energy consumption is high. Furthermore, it is also important to have a recognizable interface no matter which equipment the operators are working on – this eliminates many mistakes and makes training of new operators more efficient.

In 2014 Bakkafrost presented an investment plan to prepare for the future. The goals for this project were:

  • Flexibility in production and product port folio
  • Reduce bottle necks in the production
  • Reduced wage costs per kg finished product
  • High-capacity line(s) and maximized yield
  • Health, Environment and Safety in accordance with modern food processing facilities
  • Hygienic design and focus on minimized bacteria growth
  • Gentle handling of the products

Bakkafrost acknowledges the future being with a higher level of automation and process control of vital production aspects as well as providing proper data collection form process and machinery and needed a software and IT supplier with competences from PLC level to SCADA & MES. Au2mate became part of the project in 2015 and have since then developed a multiple site integration and monitoring system which have the following highlights:

  • Scalable system
  • System ready for multiple sites
  • System ready for multiple users with different access on different sites
  • Ready for domain-controlled user access
  • Connectivity via mobile, tablet and web browser
  • Connectivity to all known PLC and subsystems
  • Redundant system in connections and datalogging
  • Easy to connection to existing and new equipment
  • Calling, SMS and email alarm system with priority and severity on alarms, with multiple users and sites
  • Trending of all historical process variables
  • Connection to ERP system for production orders and data collection

The project is an ongoing collaboration between Au2mate and Bakkafrost who are continuously expanding their business – at the latest with the purchase of The Scottish Salmon Company in 2019.


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