AU2MATE case


Arla Foods Vimmerby today has a new, flexible and optimised control system that is scalable and ready to support the future development of the dairy.


  • Upgrade obsolete control system, respecting an ongoing production
  • High traceability with integration to SAP
  • Create a solution providing a flexible and stable production


  • Upgrading the control system in an active production facility
  • Ensuring that the solution is scalable for future extensions


  • Fully automated production plant with full MES and ERP integration
  • A stable and flexible automation solution providing high traceability


The Vimmerby powder plant from 2004 is one of Arla’s most modern and the largest of its kind in Sweden. The plant is unique with a limited carbon footprint and is environmentally certified in accordance with EN16001. The plant has its own energy central which produces steam and hot water from wood chips from the forests in the area.

The dairy wanted to upgrade their existing automation solution to a more flexible one with the latest Arla Foods standard for MES functionality and integration to SAP.

The project was carried out within 12 months in close collaboration between Au2mate and Arla Foods Vimmerby, and the result was a new flexible solution and an optimized control system, that is scalable and ready to support the future development of the dairy.

Quote by Tom Andersen, former dairy manager at Vimmerby:

“The reason for choosing Au2mate was mainly because of their dairy process knowledge. We knew it would be very tough, implementing this project with a tight time schedule and small windows of which there was access to the system.

Technically we have got the solution we wanted, which was also expected, but how well the project was executed I could only have hoped for. A great part of the success was Au2mate´s high process knowledge, but also their social competences were a big part of the success.

In the project group there was always a good cooperation and atmosphere, always with the goal in mind – getting the best possible system. I am also proud to say, that our own team performed well, and the project manager did a fine job keeping it all on track.

It was a team effort, that insured, that a highly complicated project was very successfully implemented and delivered on time.”


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