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Kold college

In 2016 the Danish government decided to invest in the digital transformation and agreed to establish and operate ten national knowledge centres. Kold College was among the institutions appointed and received funding from the “Ministry of education” to become more digitised preparing the next generation of dairy technologists for the digital future.

Kold College chose Au2mate as their automation partner.


  • Upgrade of the dairy training facilities with increased focus on digitalisation and sustainability
  • Create a solution matching the production environment in the commercial dairies
  • Full horisontal and vertical integration using latest technologies in the field of automation


  • Very tight time schedule as the new equipment had to be implemented during the summer break
  • Limited budget not matching the high ambitions from Kold College
  • Integrating as many elements from the digitalisation segment as possible


  • Fully automatic solution utilizing key elements from the Industry 4.0 toolbox
  • A solution focusing on minimising consumption of energy, water, and chemicals
  • MES layer with material and product databases, production orders, reports and full traceability
KOLD College


Au2mate is honoured and proud to be chosen as the preferred automation partner to Kold College in the process of upgrading the university’s training facilities to a more up-to-date level with the technologies and methodologies, characterising a modern production plant.

As Kold College had the desire to get as many elements from the digitalisation segment as possible integrated in the control system, it was also a very exciting process that we jointly started up medio 2019.

In close collaboration with Kold College based on wishes and interviews with key staff, Au2mate elaborated the design basis, which after a few adjustments was the foundation for the software development. The entire system was thoroughly tested in Au2mate’s simulation systems to ensure that the change-over from old to new, could be completed during the summer break and before the students would be back at school in August.

It is our experience that the close collaboration with many meetings and discussions has resulted in a very outstanding plant that simultaneously has been upgraded mechanically with new valves, components, and pasteuriser. The feedback

from the students at Kold College has also been very positive, because the training is now much more up-to-date and in line with what they encounter “in real life”.


  • Fully automatic solution focusing to minimize the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals
  • Full traceability and reporting of all production orders
  • MES System – material and recipe database, production planning, and report portal
  • PLC and SCADA software according to S88 standards
  • MES databases according to S95 standards
  • Control system from Siemens and Wonderware
  • PC and server equipment from Fujitsu
  • Au2mate Document Module – a smart documentation system for tablets and smartphones with QR code scan enabling that the students have access to documents, manuals, and batch reports.


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