Au2mate har gjennomført og levert mer enn 2000 prosjekter siden etableringen i 2001. Prosjektene spenner fra små oppgraderingsprosjekter til store kompliserte greenfield-prosjekter. Løsningene er implementert i forskjellige bransjer med hovedvekt på meieri og mat og drikke industrien. I det følgende har vi samlet noen cases fra vår prosjektportefølje.



Almarai Al Kharj KSA

Almarai Al Kharj KSA



UK Dairy, yoghurt production line

UK Dairy, yoghurt production line

Kold College

Kold College

Cream cheese dairy plant upgrade

Cream cheese dairy plant upgrade

  • Glycom
  • Almarai Al Kharj KSA
  • Beyti
  • UK Dairy, yoghurt production line
  • Kold College
  • Cream cheese dairy plant upgrade
  • Glycom


    • Expantion of existing lysin factory
    • Create a solution with flexible and stabile production
    • Cost-effective solution


    • Securing high traceability
    • Securing a scalable solution for future expansions


    • Fully automatic production plant based on the Au2mate standard for MES
    • High traceability in a stabile and flexible production solution

    Glycom is a company which produces HMO’s for baby formula. In 2016, Glycom acquired the VitaLys lysine factory in Esbjerg and faced the challenge of expanding the production plant and adapt it for their needs in connection with the production of HMO’s.

    A stabile and flexible plant with high traceability and a minimum of need for manual operation were the main targets for the expansion. Because of the high demands for traceability and stability the automation of the plant was one of the key criteria for a successful result.

    The project was conducted according to Au2mate’s project model. Through close collaboration with Glycom, Au2mate prepared complete functional descriptions to ensure full clarification of the desired functionality in the new software.

    After approval of the functional descriptions the overall process of development, configuration and internal testing of the new software commenced.

    The contract was signed in October 2016, and the project was initiated immediately. The software FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was conducted five months later and, in immediate continuation of this, the commissioning was commenced and was concluded eight months later. Final project handover took place as agreed in December 2017, just over one year after project commencement.


  • Almarai Al Kharj KSA


    • SAP integration
    • Reduction of waste and down-time
    • Improving performance, availability, and quality


    • Securing high traceability
    • Securing a scalable solution for future expansion


    • Fully automatic production plant with fully integrated ERP system
    • Full transparency of the production

    Almarai is one of the largest integrated dairy food companies in the world with an unrivaled reputation, synonymous with delivering excellence and quality across its entire range of products. Currently operating across the gulf region, Almarai employs over 45,000 employees, servicing more than 100,000 retail outlets.

    In 2017 Almarai extends their production capacity with a new dairy production plant located in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. The product range includes milk, laban & yoghurt in bottles & cups. The production plant is divided into two areas: The processing area & the filling and packaging area. The processing area handles receiving of milk and production of milk, laban & yoghurt. The packaging area includes 8 filling and packaging lines, cooling tunnels, incubations room, pallet & crate washing lines and a cold store.

    Almarai required a fully automated control & IT solution with for the new production plant with SAP integration, OEE measurement and full traceability.

    The contract was signed in June 2016, commissioning started in February 2017 and full production is planned for April 2017.



  • Beyti


    • A scalable and flexible solution that can easily be changed and expanded
    • CIP and production reporting providing full material traceability
    • Solution with high uptime and local maintenance
    • Full simulation possibility for troubleshooting and training of operators before software is deployed on the live system


    • Upgrading a complex existing control system


    • A full control-system upgrade

    Beyti was established in 1998 and is one of the largest producers of milk, juice and yoghurt in Egypt, targeting a market of 90 million consumers and catering to different consumer profiles.

    The plant makes use of the latest and best food processing techniques and innovative layout that maximizes efficiency. It employs high-speed processing machinery and can produce a diverse variety of dairy, juice and dairy-based products to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Today Beyti holds strong market positions in all the categories it operates in and employs over 3,000 people.

    The control system at Beyti was initially installed in 2001. Over the years expansions incorporated in the existing control system lead to a very complex system, difficult to navigate. At the same time the hardware used was going to be obsolete and an upgrade was eventually required. In September 2014, Beyti and Au2mate began discussions on how to handle the very complex task - a full control system upgrade (hardware and software) in a dairy plant running full capacity production.

    “Au2mate has driven the best results for such a major and complex project by combining latest technology with process knowledge and unique automations experience. It’s true that Au2mate is our preferred automation partner” - Atef Motawea, Project Manager at Beyti




  • UK Dairy, yoghurt production line


    • Integration into existing control system
    • One control system for full factory


    • Different control systems to be merged
    • Very tight project schedule
    • Cut-in and commissioning during full production


    • Homogenic integrated control system for full plant
    • Seamless integration of several systems from different suppliers

    The customer is the largest organic dairy company in the UK, producing over 2,000 tons of yogurt, butter, milk and ice cream each week. The site produces a range of yoghurt, milk, butter and cream.

    Au2mate worked with Sycamore Process Engineering as a subcontractor of the process automation scope.

    The new yoghurt plant is an extension to the current site, which will eventually convert the milk manufacturing process plant to a yoghurt production facility.

    The new yoghurt plant consists of a new import/export bay, skim milk tanks, yoghurt pasteurizer with dosing of cream and culture, yoghurt incubation and cooling, yoghurt storage tanks, fruit dosing and delivery to packaging. Skimmed milk is supplied from the two existing pasteurizers. Furthermore, a new separate CIP plant for the yoghurt section is included.

    The control system is based on Rockwell Automation CLX (ControlLogix) PLCs and Rockwell FactoryTalk SCADA for visualization. The existing system is to be updated and expanded to cater for the new expanded yoghurt process.

    The project has been executed in a close cooperation between the Customer, Sycamore Process Engineering and Au2mate.

    The contract was signed in May 2019, and the project execution was initiated immediately after. Software FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of phase one was held after 5 months and the I/O test was running in parallel.  Production trials were initiated according to plan in November 2019, and commercial production started according to plan in March the following year.

    The customer today has a new, flexible, and optimized control system that is scalable and ready to support the future development of the dairy.



  • Kold College


    • Upgrade of the dairy training facilities with increased focus on digitalisation and sustainability
    • Create a solution matching the production environment in the commercial dairies
    • Full horisontal and vertical integration using latest technologies in the field of automation


    • Very tight time schedule as the new equipment had to be implemented during the summer break
    • Limited budget not matching the high ambitions from Kold College
    • Integrating as many elements from the digitalisation segment as possible


    • Fully automatic solution utilizing key elements from the Industry 4.0 toolbox
    • A solution focusing on minimising consumption of energy, water, and chemicals
    • MES layer with material and product databases, production orders, reports and full traceability

    Au2mate is honoured and proud to be chosen as the preferred automation partner to Kold College in the process of upgrading the university’s training facilities to a more up-to-date level with the technologies and methodologies, characterising a modern production plant.

    As Kold College had the desire to get as many elements from the digitalisation segment as possible integrated in the control system, it was also a very exciting process that we jointly started up medio 2019.

    In close collaboration with Kold College based on wishes and interviews with key staff, Au2mate elaborated the design basis, which after a few adjustments was the foundation for the software development. The entire system was thoroughly tested in Au2mate’s simulation systems to ensure that the change-over from old to new, could be completed during the summer break and before the students would be back at school in August.

    It is our experience that the close collaboration with many meetings and discussions has resulted in a very outstanding plant that simultaneously has been upgraded mechanically with new valves, components, and pasteuriser. The feedback

    from the students at Kold College has also been very positive, because the training is now much more up-to-date and in line with what they encounter “in real life”.

    Au2mate – scope of delivery

    • Fully automatic solution focusing to minimize the consumption of energy, water, and chemicals
    • Full traceability and reporting of all production orders
    • MES System – material and recipe database, production planning, and report portal
    • PLC and SCADA software according to S88 standards
    • MES databases according to S95 standards
    • Control system from Siemens and Wonderware
    • PC and server equipment from Fujitsu
    • Au2mate Document Module – a smart documentation system for tablets and smartphones with QR code scan enabling that the students have access to documents, manuals, and batch reports.
  • Cream cheese dairy plant upgrade


    • Upgrade of existing obsolete and outdated equipment
    • New application developed in accordance with framework standards / ISA S88 / ISA S95
    • Solution focused on reducing production costs and minimising waste


    • Migration to take place during full production
    • Multiple shutdowns with many temporary interface points between new and old systems
    • Ensure full traceability during the entire migration


    Smart solutions and new techniques embedded in the software has resulted in:

    • Reduced costs of electricity, steam, and ice water on 20 %
    • Reduced costs of water and chemicals on 30 %
    • New software and hardware platforms, based on open platforms and latest standards, in the full production plant


    The Cream cheese dairy has a yearly production of 58.000 ton cream cheese in different taste varieties. The process plant has around 3.500 plant components connected to the control system. Their existing control system was old and the background for replacing it was mainly problems in getting spare parts as well as limited options for support.

    The success criteria for the technical solution were to have an open system which the dairy was able to maintain/extend themselves, a secure investment, as well as securing the knowledge and experience at the dairy.

    Furthermore, the system had to be in accordance with company framework / ISA S88 / ISA S95 and build for data collection and traceability via integration to enterprise IT report system and SAP.

    Scope of delivery

    • 8 Siemens S7-414 PLC’s
    • 1 Wonderware Intouch station with a large KPI monitor in the control room.
    • 14 Wonderware Intouch stations divided in respectively control room and process area.
    • 3 Redundant Wonderware IAS servers
    • 1 Siemens programming station
    • ISA S88 structured Siemens software application
    • Wonderware Intouch SCADA application
    • Data collection to ISA S95 structured database

    The project

    The project was estimated to take place over a period of 3 years. It was carried out as a staged upgrade/extension divided in a total of 12 stages so the migration could be done with a minimum of operational disruptions. The project has been carried out after the GAPP project model (Good Automation Project Processes – developed by SESAM-FOOD) where each phase follows the project model from description of solution to handing over of the final project.

    The project has been carried out in close collaboration between the technical staff and operators at the dairy and Au2mate and 23 functional description reviews and 9 software FAT’s has been held.

    Gains for the dairy

    The upgrade has had a vital role in the reduction of energy costs (electricity, steam, and ice water) with more than 20 % as well as a 30 % reduction of costs for water and chemicals. Furthermore, the dairy has reduced their maintenance costs for the control system and increased the flexibility and integration opportunities.

    Increased horisontal and vertical integration, combined with the applied MES elements (product definitions and recipes) has led to a more effective production with minimum downtime and maximum traceability and reporting.

  • Glycom
  • Almarai Al Kharj KSA
  • Beyti
  • UK Dairy, yoghurt production line
  • Kold College
  • Cream cheese dairy plant upgrade


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